WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit (WCABE) Getting Started

As you probably already know, editing products in bulk in WooCommerce is a tedious task. It can take literally hours or days to edit a few hundred products.

This is why we’ve created WCABE, to enable you to quickly and easily bulk edit thousands of products easily with just a few clicks of the mouse.

So, let’s take a look at how the WCABE admin panel looks like.

There are 3 main sections that you can use to prepare and execute the bulk edits.

First one is the filtering section. There are all the filters that will help you filter only the products that you want to bulk edit.

Following is the products table. There you can see all the products in your store, presented by a row in the table and all columns of that row are the fields of the product. You can change the columns field directly in the table and save it, without the need to ever open the WooCommerce product page.

Products table is surrounded by a top and bottom buttons bars, containing tools and options that will help you to bulk edit more easily and precisely.

The bottom section is an additional buttons bar, providing more tools and settings.

Here’s how the filtering area looks like in more detail:

You can set filters on most of the fields and when ready filling filters, just click the “Get Products” button and the filtered products will load in the products table, which is the next main section of the WCABE plugin:

The fields you see in the products table are just a part of all the fields that the plugin supports. You can show/hide more fields as you need, using the “Columns” button (“Show/Hide Fields” in older versions of the plugin.):

Inside the products table you can select the products you want to bulk edit using the checkboxes, located as the first column of the table and then directly edit the products in the grid. You can change products fields individually or in bulk. To do a bulk edit, you have to first enable the “Bulk editing mode”:

And then change a field in one of the selected products, press ENTER and the change will be spread to all of the selected products.

Before bulk editing:

After bulk editing:

You can also make more advanced selections and bulk edit operations, using the Selection Manager and Bulk Edit dialogs, available from the buttons bar, located on the top of the products table:

Important Note: Button bars can be activated and used only when the “Get Products” button is clicked and the product table loads the products.

Following are short descriptions of all buttons in the top buttons bar.

The “Add” button

By hovering the “Add” button, a field will appear to either create a new product or create variations for a selected product.

The creation of a new product using the “Add” button will give this result:

This way, a newly created product can be created and edited fully only by using the WCABE plugin.

Of course, not only one but multiple products can be created once, that way:

The “Delete” Button

When a deletion of a product/s is required, selecting a specific product/s by ticking the checkbox and then the “Delete” button will permanently delete the selected product.

The “Selection Manager” button

It will open the Selection Manager dialog, where you can make more advanced selections of the products loaded in the products table. For example, you can choose to select only products or only variations or duplicate products. Also, you can select products that have a file containing or not containing a value. If the field is a text field, then you can select products that have this field starting with a text or ending with a text. These and many more options that will help you fine-tune your selection of products that you want to bulk edit.

The “Bulk Edit”

button will open “Bulk Edit” dialog:

The Bulk Edit tool is a core tool that will help you make more advanced bulk edit operations. For example, using the Bulk Edit dialog, you can set all selected products on sale by setting their Sale Price to be 15% off the regular price.

Current Prices of products:

etting Sale Price 15% off the Regular Price using Bulk Edit dialog:


Using the filters area, you can filter the products you’d like to bulk edit.

Let’s see a simple example of how to use a single filter:

For this example, filtering all the products by Category “Music” will return in the Products Table only the products that are assigned to Category “Music”:

When the filter box is filled, clicking “Get Products” will apply the filter and load the filtered result to the Products Table.

Products Table

The Product Table( or the Product Grid) is the place where the WooCommerce products will be displayed when the “Get Products” button is clicked. You can edit products in bulk directly in the table or by using the Bulk Edit dialog. Each product field is represented by a column in the Product Table.

Let’s see an example. We’ll be editing the Column “Image” field in the Product Table. But currently, the field is not in the table:

To show the fields you want to edit or hide the fields you don’t need currently, you can use the Columns button (Show/Hide Fields in older versions of WCABE) and check/uncheck the checkboxes located on the left side of each field name.

Now “Image” field is disabled:

Now “Image” field is disabled:

If a field needs to be disabled, the same steps apply: “Columns” button -> uncheck the activated field, so it gets disabled -> click “Ok” -> the unchecked field will disappear from the Product Table.

Bottom Buttons Bars

The “Selected Rows” and “All Rows” Buttons:

If any changes were made in the Product Table on any of the enabled fields, clicking the “All Rows” button will revert the made changes(with the red triangle in the upper left corner) as they were before. If trying to revert the changes after the “Save Changes” button was clicked, the values will be saved in the database and revert will not be possible.

The same description applies for the “Selected Rows” button but only for those products that had been selected.

The “Load/Save View” Button

This option can be used to save the currently arranged fields of the Product Table. Multiple saves with specific names can be added accordingly to the required for work fields.

The “Custom Fields” and “Find Custom Fields” Buttons:

These options can be used to create Custom fields for work by variable types. Custom fields can be created and used immediately in the Product Table or can be disabled for later use.

Deleting a custom field is also an option, though if used in work with products, no data will be lost.

The “Plugin Settings” Button

This is the main option panel where important options can be configured:

The “Exporting to CSV” Button

An important tool is exporting selected products or all products from the table. A Delimiter can be set before exporting.

And this concludes the Getting Started tutorial. For more detailed tutorials, please check the other tutorials for WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit.