Why Do WCABE Versions Differ Between the Plugin Updates Page and CodeCanyon?

We currently offer two channels where customers can obtain the WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit plugin:

  1. WordPress Plugins Section: This is the first platform where we release new versions of the plugin. It allows users who are eager to test the latest features to access the edge version immediately.
  2. CodeCanyon Website: After the initial release on WordPress and a few weeks of testing and potential fixes, we release the stable version here.

Occasionally, there may be differences in the versions available on these two channels. This discrepancy is due to our release policy:

We prioritize an early release on the WordPress Plugins section to facilitate immediate access for those looking to test new features. Following a few weeks of real-world usage and any necessary adjustments, the polished version is made available on CodeCanyon.

We hope this explanation helps clarify any confusion and provides insight into our process.