Version 5.0

Refreshed the overall outlook of the plugin with a better design

The aesthetic of the interface was polished to get a more pleasant and modern look:

New Feature: Set price when generating product variations

When generating variations, you now have an option to set the variation regular price to be the regular price of the parent product:

New Feature: Split variations to simple products

We’ve added a tool to extract the variations of a variable product to stand-alone simple products:

You can also choose what custom fields values to copy from the parent product to the newly created simple product:

New Feature: Added new custom field type: Html Link

Now you have the option to select type “HTML link” when adding custom fields to the products table. It’s currently read-only. It’s purpose is to help you display links that will open some page, useful for you :

New Feature: Autocomplete for Up-sellls and Cross-sells fields

Added auto-complete to Up-sells and Cross-sells fields, so when you type, it will search in ID, Title and SKU fields and display a list of results to choose from:

After saving, the chosen values are replaced with the IDs of the chosen products:

New Feature: Option to make WCABE visible only for admin users

Added option in Plugin Settings to make WCABE visible only for Administrator users. All other roles won’t see the plugin, if the option is enabled by an admin user.

More updates

  • Upgrade: Filtering by custom fields now filters not only the parent product but the variations as well.
  • Fixed: In some cases, filters combination didn’t worked.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with some 3rd party plugins and themes.
  • Other small general bug fixes and improvements.