Why Do WCABE Versions Differ Between the Plugin Updates Page and CodeCanyon?

We currently offer two channels where customers can obtain the WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit plugin: Occasionally, there may be differences in the versions available on these two channels. This discrepancy is due to our release policy: We prioritize an early release on the WordPress Plugins section to facilitate immediate access for those looking to test […]

The Difference Between Global And Custom Attributes In WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, attributes can be classified into two main types: Global Attributes and Custom Attributes. Both are used to add additional information to products, often for variations, filtering, or simply providing more details. Understanding the difference between them is key for efficiently managing product data and enhancing the user experience on a WooCommerce site. Global […]

Version 5.0

  • Refreshed the overall outlook of the plugin with a better design.
  • New Feature: When generating variations, add option to set the variation regular price to be the regular price of the parent product.
  • New Feature: Split variations to simple products.
  • New Feature: Added new custom field type: Html Link
  • New Feature: Added auto-complete to Up-sells and Cross-sells fields, so when you type, it will search in ID, Title and SKU fields and display a list of results to choose from.
  • New Feature: Added option to make WCABE visible only for Administrator users.
  • Upgrade: Filtering by custom fields now filters not only the parent product but the variations as well.
  • Fixed: In some cases, filters combination didn’t worked.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with some 3rd party plugins and themes.
  • Other small general bug fixes and improvements.

Version 4.6 (September 24, 2020)

  • Update: The Regular Price and Sale Price field filters now accepts more values, including an advanced “filter expression” that allows specifying ranges as well as single prices together. For more info, please check the new info sign located right next to the prices field filters.
  • Update: Bulk Edit dialog > Regular Price > increase/decrease by %, added rounding option of 0.01.
  • Update: Added an option to turn off the hints, because some 3rb party plugins, using the same library, were causing JS conflicts
  • Upgrade: Added Slovenian translation.
  • Upgrade: Added Slovak translation.
  • Fixed: Bulk Edit dialog > Regular Price > increase by %, removed rounding when ‘no-rounding’ option is selected.
  • As always, other small general bug fixes and improvements.