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Version 4.3 (December 18, 2017)

  • Added the new headers declaring WooCommerce support.
  • Function ‘Full View’ added which expands the table to the maximum available height and hides the other controls.
  • Better sorting of the variations.
  • UTF-8 encoded slugs are now decoded in the table.
  • Fixed a bug for custom fields with unsupported characters.
  • Updated the spanish translation(thanks to Antonio Gutierrez).
  • Now the product update WebHook is triggered.
  • Confirmation dialog when active changes exist and the ‘Get Products’ button was clicked.

Version 4.2.5 (October 12, 2017)

  • Support for grouped products for woocommerce >= 3.0.0.
  • Function ‘Revert selected’ added.
  • Fixed a php warning when the action calls are enabled (woo >= 3.0.0).
  • CSV Update is hidden by default and can be enabled when debug mode is on.
  • Added actions for better compatibility with third-party plugins.
  • Allow backorders is explicitly set to ‘not allow’ when creating variations.

Version 4.2 (April 4, 2017)

  • Support for WooCommerce 3.0. Due to technical limitations in the latest version, the stock status filter is removed.
  • Update the current product view with a csv file previously exported via the plugin.
  • Support for custom attributes in the selection manager.
  • Added option for renaming the attribute name of custom attributes in the bulk dialog.
  • WPML: product loading now follows the currently selected language.
  • Tags now support all functions of category and attribute editing(hierarchical taxonomy).
  • Custom hierarchical taxonomies now support adding of new terms.
  • Button for automatic discovery of custom fields without a product ID.
  • Copy image file names to other fields in the bulk dialog.
  • Cyrillic and turkish titles now generate nice looking english slugs.
  • Dummy jQuery select2 function added to prevent javascript errors from third-party plugins.